Referati predavateljev // Conference Proceedings

1st day: 17th IRDO International Scientific Conference SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND CURRENT CHALLENGES 2022: Green, digital, and inclusive transition: how to make it happen? 2nd June 2022

Plenarna predavanja // Plenary talks

  1. Janja Hojnik, Peter Glavič, Darja Piciga, Igor Perko - Welcome / PowerPoint
  2. Tomaž Bole - Video: Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine (donations welcome)
  3. Matjaž Mulej, Anita Hrast - Some official hints, potentially leading toward an INNOVATIVE SUSTAINABLE SOCIALY RESPONSIBLE (ISSR) SOCIETY (KEYNOTE LECTURE) / PowerPoint
  4. Hana Kreso - CSR Europe: The responsible outlook (KEYNOTE LECTURE) / PowerPoint

PART I: Inclusive transition, moderated by Igor Perko

  1. Lucija Glavič, Maruša Babnik - Methodology for evaluating implementation levels of Human Rights reporting in selected Slovenian companies
  2. Tea Golob, Matej Makarovič - Reflexive responsibility as a cornerstone of the Industry 5.0 / PowerPoint
  3. Alenka Jakomin - Growing awareness of social responsibility importance among Slovenian companies / PowerPoint
  4. Igor Perko, Žan Domanjko - Intelligent negotiation in personal data sharing
  5. Marko Kiauta, Tugo Borina - Knowledge of social responsibility is not a solution. The solution is socially responsible knowledge / PowerPoint
  6. Mihael Sket - The carrier promotion of public servant for equal creation of wealth / PowerPoint
  7. Živko Bergant - Lenders as Companies' Stakeholders from Social Responsibility Point of View / PowerPoint
  8. Ignac Navernik - In the Need for Ecological Metanoia: The New Book on Environmental Humanities – Eco, Green, Blue
  9. Saleem Vaillancourt, Maziar Bahari et al - Changing the World, One Wall at a Time / Video presentation

PART II: Digital transition, moderated by Matjaž Mulej

  1. Magda Zupančič - Digital Skills for Digital Transitions – Slovene and European Approaches
  2. Anna Prisco, Claudio Del Regno, Mattia Lettieri, Francesco Caputo - Exploiting sustainability pillars for ensuring digital transition in systems functioning / PowerPoint
  3. Massimiliano Pirani, Alessandro Carbonari, Luca Spalazzi - On holonic observers of human-AI sustainable symbiosis / PowerPoint
  4. Alenka Zelenič, Zoran Hedžet - “Digital Farmer” - Empowerment and awareness on Innovation & Digital Tools in VET organisations related with agriculture / PowerPoint

PART III: Student discussions, moderated by Anita Hrast

  1. Matic Čufar, Andreja Primec - Key stakeholder identification and channels of dialogue used for their engagement / PowerPoint
  2. Alja Gracej, Andreja Primec, Igor Perko - Professional live streaming / PowerPoint
  3. Martin Jurše et al. - Fundaments of occupational safety and health / PowerPoint
  4. Veronika Anastasova et al. - Telework / PowerPoint
  5. Alen Vučina et al. - Measures for reducing spreading of Covid-19 at work / PowerPoint
  6. Nomi Hrast et al. - Transport planning tools and the need for a new transport planning application

2nd day: 17th IRDO International Scientific Conference SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND CURRENT CHALLENGES 2022: Green, digital, and inclusive transition: how to make it happen? 3rd June 2022

2nd IRDO & Citizens’ Initiative for an Integral Green Slovenia conference: Green and inclusive transition: knowledge, education and action for sustainability transitions and integral development


Plenarna predavanja // Plenary talks

  1. Darja Piciga, Alexander Schieffer, Anita Hrast - Welcome and introduction to the second day of the conference / PowerPoint
  2. Tomaž Bole - Video: Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine (donations welcome)


  1. Mathis Wackernagel - Economic Strategy in the Era of Ecological Overshoot (KEYNOTE LECTURE) / PowerPoint
  2. Darja Piciga, Nataša Kovač - Planetary Boundaries and Safe Operating Space for Europe and Slovenia: Research in Progress / PowerPoint
  3. Ana Vovk - Ecosystem sustainability and fertile soil dictate the survival of planet Earth / PowerPoint
  4. Barbara Bernard Vukadin - Evolution of environmental assessments – from data to systemic approaches / PowerPoint
  5. Bart Stegeman - Deep Demonstration Slovenia / PowerPoint
  6. Nataša Beltran, Katarina Mulec, Jernej Stritih - Opportunities and Pitfalls of Coal Phase-out and Just Transition / PowerPoint

II. DEL: IZOBRAŽEVANJE IN KOMPETENCE ZA OKOLJSKO TRAJNOSTNOST, moderira Anita Hrast (v slovenščini in angleščini)
(In Slovenian and English)

  1. Darja Piciga - New Competencies for Sustainability Transitions in Europe / Nove kompetence za trajnostne prehode v Evropi / PowerPoint
  2. Anita Pirc Velkavrh - Foresight for Sustainability Just Transitions 2050 / PowerPoint
  3. Nevenka Bogataj, Saša Kregar, Domen Uršič, Ivana Belasić - The Challenges of Green Transition in Education – the Case of System Integration of the Climate Goals / Izzivi zelenega prehoda v izobraževanju – primer projekta Podnebni cilji v vzgoji in izobraževanju / PowerPoint
  4. Liliana Vižintin - Mainstreaming education for climate change adaptation using bottom-up approaches: a review and experiences gained / Krepitev izobraževanja za prilagajanje na podnebne spremembe z uporabo pristopov od spodaj navzgor: pregled in pridobljene izkušnje
  5. Eva Žunec, Darko Kovačič - Circular economy and green entrepreneurship competencies by youth / PowerPoint

PART III: TRANSITION TO INTEGRAL GREEN SOCIETY IN DIFFERENT CULTURES, moderated by Alexander Schieffer and Kajsa Lieden (In English)

  1. Darja Piciga, Alexander Schieffer - An Integral Green Europe: Integral Wisdom for a Sustainable Future in Europe and Europe’s Capacity to Support Renewal Impulses in Other Cultures while Learning from Them / PowerPoint
  2. Daud Taranhike - The Integral Kumusha Socioeconomic Innovation / PowerPoint
  3. Anselm Adodo - Paxherbals – How an Integral Enterprise-in-Community in Nigeria is releasing / Africa's Natural, Cultural, Technological and Economic regeneration with lessons for the global world / PowerPoint
  4. Laila Abdul-Majeed, Zina Khoury - An Integral Educational Practice Case from Jordan: The Ahliyyah and Mutran Schools in Amman / PowerPoint